What is the Signal Private Messenger? How to install and use?

Signal App

These days, sending encrypted messages is a great challenge. Every day we hear about the stealing of data from a user. Many android applications are available with encryption services of the message but not believable. Data theft is growing day by day across the globe.  The most popular apps are Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Although, as per the reviews of users, the Signal messenger is the most secure among them.

What is the Signal Private Messenger?

This private messenger is the end-to-end encrypted service. It was launched in 2014, but it has become famous now these days.

Why Signal Private Messenger?

If you live outside the ‘European region’ or in India, then the instant messaging app WhatsApp is changing your privacy policy and terms for you. Not only this, if you want to continue using WhatsApp, then it will be mandatory for you to accept these changes. WhatsApp is giving information about the change in the privacy policy and terms to Android and iOS users through a notification.

In this notification, it has been told that if you do not accept the new updates by February 8, 2021, your WhatsApp account will be deleted. That is, you cannot use WhatsApp after February 8 without approving new rules and new terms of privacy.

It is obvious that WattsApp is taking ‘forced consent’ from you because here you do not have the option of not giving consent.

See the difference between WhatsApp and Signal messenger:


How to use:

Now WhatsApp has mentioned about sharing of data of its users with Facebook and related companies in the new privacy policy. After the announcement by WhatsApp, Millions of people are started to use of Signal App every day. This App is free for instantaneous communication anywhere in the world.

See how to install this App and how to start messaging….

Step 1: Type “Signal Private Messenger

Step 2: Install it

Step 3: Signal App will ask you to access your contacts in order to connect your friends, exchange messages, and make secure calls. Tap to “Continue”

Step 4: Screen will appear as Terms and Conditions, Tap continue

Step 5: Now, App will ask you to create your PIN, This PIN will keep stored with signal encrypted so only you will be accessing it.

Step 6: Next step is to verify your phone number, which appears as “ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO GET STARTED“, before putting your number make sure it sets for your country.

Step 7: Set your profile, Your profile will be end-to-end encryption. It will ensure that your profile and changes will only be visible to your contacts.

Step 8: Set your image and enjoy with an amazing messenger App.

The Signal is a highly privacy-focused messaging App. The main factor is that Signal is open source, while WhatsApp is not.

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