Ten amazing facts of sperm that may helpful for your Sex Life

Amazing facts of sperm that may helpful for your Sex Life.

Sperm is the male reproductive cell. A human embryo resulted when it combines with a female egg. Under a microscopic visual the sperm cell is typically identified by biologist or scientist into three parts as below:

  1. The head
  2. The Midsection
  3. The Tail

See the below image as described Sperm cell Anatomy:

Sperm cell Anatomy by blogzed
                                                              Figure: Sperm cell Anatomy

This article will let you know some interesting facts related to human sperm that will be beneficial for you. So let’s begin:


1. What is the speed of sperm travel?

Human sperm can travel at a staggering rate of 4 millimeters per minute, but sometimes the rate can reduce as slow as 1 millimeter per minute. It ultimately depends on the man.


2. Does sperm know their direction?

No, when sperm enters the body of a woman, they do not know the exact direction where they have to go in search of female eggs. Chemical produce by a female egg, which guides to get the direction for the sperm to reach the egg. Out of every 5 sperm, only one sperm can travel in the female body, the remaining sperm is wasted.


3. At what age, the quality and quantity of sperm getting decrease?

As per the act of nature, the quantity and quality of sperm in men start to decrease only after the age of 25 years. While a woman can conceive till the middle of her age. But all these things can vary from person to person.


4. In which direction sperm can move?

Sperm can never move in any other direction except towards the egg. The sperm only travel in the same direction as forward as towards the female egg.


5. What is the size of human sperm?

A human sperm cell has a flat, disc with a head size ranging from 5.1 μm to 3.1 μm and a tail 50 μm long.


6. How long does it take for a sperm to mature in the human body?

Sperm takes up to 2.5 months to mature in the testes.


7. Can a woman get pregnant if she drinks sperm?

Impossible, a woman never gets pregnant if she drinks sperm. Drinking sperm by a woman is not good if she is not comfortable drinking it. Technically, to get pregnant from oral sex is impossible, whether you swallow sperm or not. Because your mouth isn’t connected to your reproductive organs.


8. How much sperm in the quantity after ejaculation?

It should be clear that the amount of juice that comes out after ejaculation or after the fall is not the whole sperm. The sperm contains only about 5% of that ejaculated liquid that is known as semen, the rest is made up of thin liquids. That thin liquids contain nutrients and a protective substrate. Which helps the sperm to travel further after entering the female body.


9. Amount of sperm produced by a man in a lifetime?

A man can produce 7.5 liters of sperm in a guy’s life. The production of sperm does decline as men get older.


10. How a man can increase sperm quality and quantity?

The health of a man can directly affect his fertility. Good health can increase the fertile intensity of a man. Following all things are guaranteed to attain a higher sperm count by a man. The below practices will produce more sperm, along with much more energetic sperm in the human body.

  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • Avoiding junk food,
  • Maintaining a healthy weight,
  • Take lots of fresh air,
  • Exercise,
  • Taking vitamin supplements,
  • Sleeping early at night,
  • Waking up early in the morning,
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol.

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