Five best water heaters in 2020 | best Geyser ever in India

Winter season is knocking, in near future, you will need a water heater. Geyser is an important and effective tool to get hot water in a while. To purchase a good geyser can be costly if you do not compare with different brands.

Different companies are offering you different products. See the companies:

  1. Havells 
  2. Morphy Richards
  3. AO Smith
  4. V-Gaurd
  5. Bajaj

We have listed here the top 3 best water heaters which you can buy.  We selected the best water heater in India based on energy efficiency, higher tensile strength, good heating filament, BEE star rating, finishing, warranty, faster heating, body materials, pressure capacity, item weight with a genuine price warranty.

See the products from different reputed companies. Enlisted products are highly viewed, and all products are BEE 5 star rating in 2020. The storage capacity is mentioned in tables with a minimal price in Indian Rupees. All products are being the pioneers in many household appliances that can be crafted to fulfill the needs of modern-day bathroom needs, even best suit the washroom and washtubs.


1. Havells:

These products are available with 4 and 5 stars rated including 5 years warranty on the inner container and 2 years comprehensive

1 Havells (25 Liter) 9,400/- Rs.
2 Havells (15 Liter) 7,925/- Rs.

2. Morphy Richards:

All products are 5 stars rated and the warranty is 7 years on the tank and 4 years on the element.


1 Morphy Richards (25 Liter) 9,176/- Rs.
2 Morphy Richards (15 Liter) 6,700/- Rs.
3 Morphy Richards (10 Liter) 8,000/- Rs.
4 Morphy Richards (6 Liter) 6,394/- Rs.


3. AO Smith:

All products are 5 stars rated and the warranty is 7 years on the tank and 4 years on the element.

1 AO Smith HSE (25 Liter) 9,250/-
2. AO Smith HSE (15 Liter) 8,699/-
3. AO Smith HSE (10 Liter) 8,500/-
4. AO Smith HSE (6 Liter) 6,999/-

4. V-Guard:

4 and 5 star rated products are available with 2 years warranty.

1. V-Gaurd (25 Liter) 7,799/- Rs.
2. V-Gaurd (15 Liter) 6,884/- Rs.
3. V-Gaurd (6 Liter) 5,265/- Rs.

5. Bajaj:

All products are 4 stars rated by BEE India, having one year warranty. 

1. Bajaj (15 Liter) 6,290/- Rs.
2. Bajaj (10 Liter) 6,399/- Rs.


List of Instant Heating Geysers:

Enlisted products are gone through in-depth analysis of usage, efficiency, habits analysis focusing on the kitchen, dining hall, and households’ purpose. Best suits for kitchen work.

S. No: Company Brand link Price (Rs.)
1 Havells 3,223/-
2 Morphy Richards 3,350/-
3 AO Smith HSE 4,400/-
4 V-Gaurd 2,920/-
5 Bajaj 3,037/-



See the table and you can conclude which one is the best for your home.

Parameters Brand
High BEE star rated (5 stars) Morphy Richards, AO Smith HSE,
Best Finishing All
Best Services All
Warranty Period (more than 5 years) Morphy Richards, AO Smith HSE
Free Installation All
Price V-Gaurd


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